“Lara did my first ever trial prep and she was marvelous.”

Lara did my first ever trial prep and she was marvelous. I was very nervous going in, but Lara smiled and put me at ease and helped me focus on how to communicate effectively. She was professional but friendly, patient, and gave clear instructions and helpful insights on my unspoken communication. I learned a lot from our time together and I recommend her very highly.

— Lee Swindlehurst, Professor, Center for Pervasive Communications and Computing, UC Irvine

“Lara is a master technician and a world-class coach.”

Lara is a master technician and a world-class coach. I learned that it was not only important to report the truth verbally but also to make communication resonate through body language and composure that is authentic, understandable, clear and compelling. Lara prepared me for my testimony in a professional and effective manner.  She quiets you, neutralizes anxiety and readies you for the challenges ahead.

— Timothy Sutherland, Chairman/CEO of Middleburg Capital Development

Lara taught me to think before acting. Her questions were like a trained and knowledgeable mirror, pointing out my actions and helping me identify what they meant.

— S.K., Author

“Lara was able to cut through the 'noise.'”

Lara consistently demonstrated her skills as an effective coach and an unbelievable communicator. She excels at driving discussions to get to the root cause of a challenging issue. She helped me mediate tense situations, work on my self-confidence and anticipate the behavioral risks inherent within myself or others. Lara was able to cut through the "noise" to drill down to the insights most critical for my development.   

— Andre Jaundoo, Senior Change Management Consultant at AKRU Consulting Group

“I got the results I wanted!”

Lara helped me with two of my business goals. One of those goals was to work on being simple and concise in my communication. She brought just the right amount of acceptance and gentle challenge to our coaching sessions. I got the results I wanted! 

— Karen Webb, Leadership and Personal Development Coach

Lara was a true life saver. When I met her, I’d already been railroaded into very expensive sessions with completely useless consultants. Lara expertly guided me through every possible scenario. We dug deep and ripped apart the playbooks. When trial started, I was prepared. Thanks to Lara, and Lara alone, I was calm, collected, cadenced and in control. My lawyers even boasted that they had never seen anyone do so well.
— S. Q., CEO, Commercial Real Estate Development